Annie Crotty

Executive Assistant

Annie Crotty is the Executive Assistant at Senné. She provides top-level support to the CEO and ensures unparalleled service to every client. In her role, Annie is responsible for managing complex schedules, client relations, travel plans, and event coordination while maintaining the highest standards of organization and communication.

Originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, Annie graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where she passionately studied Sociology, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. Her summers in marketing and start-up internships fostered an entrepreneurial spirit that naturally led her to a career in real estate.

In her free time, Annie enjoys being outdoors, hiking, running, walking to get her morning coffee, and anything that involves being active! Growing up near the Adirondacks, she spent much time in the mountains and now enjoys finding new escapes around Boston.

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