Deborah Hauser

Executive Director, Residential Brokerage

Deborah Hauser is the Executive Director of Residential Brokerage at Senné. Deborah directs all initiatives for the Residential Brokerage team, including office expansion, high-caliber associate recruitment, and all strategic improvement plans for the company. She works with company leadership on growth initiatives: opening new branches and mergers and acquisitions in Greater Boston and beyond. She also actively supports selling and securing new business while implementing a strategic plan, organizational development of new programs, and building collaborative partnerships. Deborah previously served as Chief Operating Officer for Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty, where she had also managed the company’s number one office for eight years and was responsible for co-managing the relationship with sales managers and agents. Deborah is a licensed real estate broker in Massachusetts and New York.

Member, GBAR Membership Committee
Member, MAR Charitable Foundation

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