5 Home Sounds That Demand Immediate Attention

Warning Signs of Underlying Dangers

In our latest guide, based on the expert advice from Senné’s maintenance professionals, we delve into home sounds. Learn which noises are benign and which are red flags signaling potential dangers lurking within your home.

Meet Jose

Jose Orellana is the Director of Maintenance on the Property Management team at Senné, working closely with the department’s Managing Director to ensure the general appearance and overall function of Senné-owned and managed properties. He identifies requirements, particularly on large-scale capital improvement projects, through a prioritized work plan and directs actions needed. He is the primary point of contact for all incoming maintenance requests, delegating necessary tasks among his team to deliver on the department’s overall strategic vision and Senné’s promise of quality customer service.

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This essential read is your key to understanding your home’s unique language. Don’t let these sounds go unnoticed!

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