Alexander Zimmerman


With his heart firmly rooted in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Alexander (Alex) Zimmerman, brings unquestionable authenticity and loyalty to Senné.

Raised in Minnesota, Alex’s positivity is genial yet infectious. After graduating from the University of North Dakota with a degree in Elementary Education, an unexpected twist of fate (that being the COVID-19 Pandemic) drove him to reconsider his career path. Far from defeated, Alex found renewed purpose in Real Estate. His passion no longer constrained in the walls of a classroom, it’s now escaped to brighter horizons, helping families settle in homes where they can cultivate new, beautiful memories.

Zimmerman’s approachable character coupled with his dedication marries professionalism with genuine care, embodying the spirit of ‘Minnesota Nice’. His career switch presented an exciting opportunity to merge his educator’s perspective of nurturing and growth with property finding, leading to the unique, client-focused approach to real estate that he offers today.

Whether you are looking for a family home to start anew or a property to make a smart investment, Zimmerman is committed to turning your real estate dreams into reality, with the kind of can-do attitude that can only stem from a Minnesotan native. With Alex Zimmerman and Senné, you’re not just securing a property, you’re beginning your new chapter in life, and Alex will be by your side during the process, and long after as well.

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