Jamal Gathers Sr.


Certification(s): REALTOR®

Jamal Gathers Sr. is a Realtor from Boston, MA. With 12 years of experience in buying, selling, management consulting, and investment consulting, Jamal has the ability to dig out the win/win in every deal.

As a REALTOR®, Jamal understands the importance of local and national market trends and how essential they are in evaluating your home’s value, your potential home’s worth, or maximizing your investment Pro-forma. Being well-informed leads to good investment decisions and good deals. Whether off-market through his vast network of brokers, agents, investors, wholesalers, and bankers, or through his industry-leading marketing strategies, Jamal will find the right deal for you.

Jamal’s customer service-oriented style and analytical approach to the market help to alleviate the stress of even the most complex deal. Coupled with his devotion to understanding his client’s needs, his approach enables him to find the “perfect fit” for you. His value proposition is accuracy and convenience. Whether you are a renter, first-time home buyer, or seasoned investor, Jamal is committed to ensuring you get the best deal.

No two deals are the same. Just like people, each deserves special attention and a specific strategy to succeed. Jamal makes sure his clients are well-informed. They confidently make the right decisions because they trust he has given and helped them gather all the information needed to be successful. Jamal guides his clients through their transactions, explaining each step and encouraging them to ask questions and learn more. Real estate transactions can be daunting and complex. The more you know, the less intimidating it is. 

“I make sure my clients feel heard and understood. They know I will always put their interests first. Let’s see where we can go, together.”

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