James Drummond


Certification(s): REALTOR®

James Drummond is a dedicated REALTOR® with 35 years of experience in the Mount Washington Valley. Despite facing challenges similar to the rest of the country, he finds a degree of satisfaction in the level of activity the Valley has witnessed.

The Valley continues to shine as a sought-after destination for vacationers, a welcoming retirement community, and an attractive year-round residential area. James has relished his decades-long involvement in listing and selling real estate here, and his commitment to the field remains unwavering. His family, too, has enjoyed the multitude of amenities and services the community offers, including schools, healthcare, job opportunities, and housing, as well as abundant year-round recreational activities.

James takes pride in his association with the diligent team of full-time REALTORS® and administrators in his office. Their affiliation with Senné, an industry-leading and forward-thinking real estate network, brings numerous advantages for both the team and their valued customers and clients.

Optimism prevails in James’s outlook for the future, and he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to assist with any real estate needs when individuals are ready to make a move or have inquiries. He welcomes you to reach out and looks forward to serving your real estate requirements.

To learn more about James, please visit his website.

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