May 10, 2023 1 minute read

Your Best Investment: Stocks, Bonds, Bitcoin, or Your Home?

Senné CFO David Keiran shares his thoughts on an eye-catching article from about the strength of real estate as an investment strategy. Keep reading for David’s insights, and check out the article below.

“Whether you are buying a home or looking for a rental property, owning real estate is a great way to diversify your portfolio to protect it from downside risk, which is the probability of a decline in value. Real estate tends to appreciate over time with equity built up through cash flow, appreciation, and the paydown of mortgages.

There are numerous tax benefits to reduce taxable income and an investment in real estate does not take any special skills to succeed if managed properly. On the other hand, investing in stocks, digital currency, and derivatives can be quite risky requiring special talents and daily activity monitoring to be successful. Investing in bonds, CDs and other low-risk, interest-generating investments is wise to do but they tend to generate lower returns.”

Read “Are Stocks, Bonds, Bitcoin, or Your Humble Home the Best Investment Today? The Answer May Surprise You” on »

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