Onsite Property Manager

The Onsite Property Manager for Senné will report directly to the Director of Condo Association Management at Senné. The primary responsibilities include managing communication, maintenance & repair, and shareholder expectations on behalf of the Board of Directors for Kenmore Tower and Spinnaker Island Condominium Association.  They also assist the Managing Director, Director, Maintenance Manager and other Property Managers with managing projects, client expectations, emergency situations, and any task reasonably requested in the administration of the Property. The Onsite Property Manager shall always devote their full efforts to furthering the goals and expectations of the Board of Directors of Kenmore Tower, Spinnaker Island, and The Senné Company, Inc.

Job Responsibilities:



  • Assist in the overall management and administration of the Property as needed.
  • Keep records on contractors, vendors and maintenance employees.
  • Communicate regularly with the Board of Directors, Maintenance Managers, Property Managers, Director, Managing Director, and accounting staff regarding property activities.
  • Data entry, and task management in software systems, including record keeping on contractors, vendors and maintenance employees.
  • Billing and invoicing administration assistance to Fisher Financial Services or as required by Board of Directors. 
  • Provide details and guidance to the Board of Directors for all Property Operations. 
  • Prepare and update weekly reports regarding Property activity to Board of Directors.
  • Assist in the preparation and review of all Shareholder Tenant applications. 
  • Prepare monthly meeting agendas and meeting minutes at all board meetings and shareholder meetings.
  • Actively work to promote the firm wherever possible, including in solicitation of new clients.
  • Ensure property website and all Property directories and tenant information is up to date at all times.



  • Enforce professionalism standards for safety, quality and customer service.
  • Respond to all requests promptly, and arrange for troubleshooting and repairs.
  • Implement or recommend systems to improve maintenance services generally.
  • Organize and manage as well as possible, property records, COI’s and Contracts. 
  • Assist in large project management, recommending vendors, obtaining multiple prices, negotiating agreements, supervision of projects etc.
  • Appropriately contract for all Property services and keep records of all ongoing and recurring maintenance operations (ex: snow removal, fire protection systems, elevator systems, utilities, extermination, etc)
  • Accurately report all hours worked for all team members and regularly update customers and operational systems.
  • Ensure all contracts and insurance are in line with Bylaw requirements or as requested by Board of Directors. 
  • Assist accounting Firm and Board of Directors with the annual budget for the Association.


Client Support & Property Management

  • Scheduling with Maintenance Technicians, Maintenance Managers, Property Managers and Shareholders. 
  • Work with Maintenance Managers and Property Managers to assist with daily workload.
  • Maintain detailed notes and directives at all meetings where appropriate.
  • Provide Emergency On-Call Support and assistance to the Maintenance Department, as needed.
  • Daily correspondence with Clients, Tenants, Property Managers, and other staff to ensure the highest levels of communication and customer service at all times. 
  • Ability to maintain and review property accounting records and reports. 
  • Attend all Board of Directors meetings and all Shareholder Meetings.



  • Must have a minimum 3 years industry experience working in condominium and/or cooperations.  
  • Must Be Highly Motivated and flexible with hours
  • Property Management Certifications a plus, but not required. 
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher.


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