Government Affairs

Public policy analysis and advocacy at local, state, and federal levels.

  • Federal, state, and local representation

    With our Government Affairs office located in Washington, D.C., our team is perfectly situated to provide expert-level lobbying and consulting services to help engage with both congressional and executive branch policymakers. Additionally, we actively work with state and local leaders on housing and financial services issues that are being negotiated in the state legislature, as well as in local Boston-area city councils.

  • Trade association leadership

    The Government Affairs team is the primary contact with several national trade associations, providing key leadership and industry perspectives to some of our country’s largest associations. Additionally, our CEO, William Senné, was recently invited to join the Real Estate Roundtable, which is the nation’s leading trade association for senior real estate developers.

  • Political consulting

    Our team is comprised of political campaign veterans who have managed both state and federal political candidates. We are experts in political strategy and have full-service access to candidate vendors, including mail, digital, and other data services.

  • Thought leadership

    We regularly provide public testimony on a wide variety of issues that impact our company and industry. The Government Affairs team is constantly weighing in on important subject matters to provide perspective and context to policymakers, both in Washington and Massachusetts.

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