August 8, 2022 3 minute read

Keeping Your Cool: Tips for Summer

While Summer in New England can be a time of fun-filled carefree days, it can also come with its share of heat and annoyances. We’ve rounded up a list of quick tips to help you keep your cool this summer: 

Made in the Shade

Whether you want to stay comfortable or save money on your energy bills, one key thing you can do to keep your cool is to pay special attention to your window covering. To keep your home its coolest, make sure you keep your curtains closed and your blinds down (with the slats blocking the sun) when the sun is at its hottest. This keeps your home cooler and maximizes the efficiency of your air-conditioner while helping you save on your energy bills. 

Check Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be a great way to stay cool – but they require a seasonal adjustment to help them do their best work.  Now that it’s summer, you should check your ceiling fan – and change its rotation to counterclockwise, and adjust the fan speed to high.  The counterclockwise rotation maximizes the downdraft, pushing the cool air down to the floors and cooling you down more.  In the winter, remember to flip it back so that it’s rotating clockwise and bringing warm air down from the ceiling. 

Put Your Exhaust Fans to Work 

Humidity can not only make you uncomfortable, it can also damage your home. Everyday activities like cooking and showering can create even more humidity. By turning on your exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom, they can pull heat and humidity into the vent and protect your home from humidity damage. 

Treat Yourself to a Cool Pillow

Getting a good night’s rest is important and while you probably use air-conditioning or fans in your bedroom, have you considered making your pillow more comfortable? Give your bed a summer makeover with seasonally appropriate bedding – like cooling sheets, made of a breathable, lightweight material like bamboo, and consider a “cool pillow.” Cool pillows are designed to draw heat away from your head, where about 30% of body warmth is dispersed. 

Beating the Heat in the Kitchen

Standing over a hot stove or oven loses its appeal in the summer heat. Shake up your cooking routine by cooking outdoors. The popular summertime pastime of grilling will keep the heat outside. 

You can also consider experimenting with microwave cooking. The microwave is a very efficient plug-in appliance.  Microwaves direct most of their energy into the food, rather than the kitchen. That means you’ll stay more comfortable by releasing less heat into your home. 

Summer is also an ideal time to experiment with cold food recipes like salads, cold soups, and raw foods. 

Stay Hydrated! 

It seems obvious but hydration is easy to overlook amidst a flurry of summer activities. But it’s important not to wait until you’re thirsty to drink – because at that point, you may already be dehydrated and not perspiring and cooling yourself down effectively.  That’s why it’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day.  You’ll want to note that alcohol and caffeinated drinks tend to be dehydrating, so keep that in mind when weighing your beverage options. 


Published: August 8, 2022



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