William Senné

President & Chief Executive Officer

William Senné is an accomplished real estate executive, leading his organization from its founding in 2009 to the present day. The Senné Company, Inc. is one of the most dynamic vertically integrated advisory and development firms in the Greater Boston area with a focus on developing long-term client relationships. With 100 employees, Senné has organically grown in both diversity of disciplines and staff to represent the fabric of the Greater Boston community that it serves. As a practitioner, William represents a broad range of clients — domestic and foreign — with services ranging from traditional brokerage to complex commercial financing and investment and development advising.

William works with select clients but is primarily engaged in real estate acquisitions, development, financing, business leadership and growth activities. A consummate entrepreneur, William started his real estate career early, learning the business as a leasing agent and then quickly becoming one of the top agents in Boston. William is a graduate of Boston College with a degree in Management and Economics. In his free time, William enjoys sailing competitively and spending time on Cape Cod.

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