Investment Portfolio Management

Informed property management can be the difference between a successful, valuable investment and an underperforming asset. From leasing services, rent collection, tenant communications, and minor repairs, to full building system upgrades and capital improvements, our team of professionals is able to efficiently and effectively handle anything that comes up at your property.

  • Financial Management

    Financial management goes beyond collecting rent or fees in a timely manner. In addition to rent collection, Senné provides the following:

    • Review and payment for all common area bills
    • Account management with real-time access provided to owners
    • Financial statements and reports available anytime, and in real time, online
    • Appropriate forecasting for current and future capital improvements
    • Annual budget and tax return preparation & planning

  • Vendor Management

    We maintain strong relationships with a variety of local vendors who provide outstanding service
    to our clients. Vendor management includes:

    • Oversight of all accounts payable
    • Analysis of vendor contracts to ensure the best price and accurate services
    • Review of vendor scope of work and quality

  • Maintenance

    Our licensed and experienced maintenance team is available to owners for all their service needs. Maintenance services include:

    • Routine repairs and maintenance scheduling and coordination
    • Emergency services available 24/7
    • Annual inspection coordination and scheduling

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