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James Trano is a REALTOR® and residential sales Associate with Senné in our Arlington office. James began his life in real estate more than ten years ago and has had the pleasure of assisting many home buyers and sellers realize their real estate needs. Before becoming a REALTOR®, James worked for several local corporations in Boston, including Forrester Research and most recently Thomson Reuters. Through his roles in these companies, he learned the importance of managing business, negotiating, personal skills and most importantly, working towards success. To that end, James enjoys helping his clients realize their personal goals through their real estate transactions.

Having worked closely with local developers on their projects, James has developed business relationships with designers, mortgage professionals, attorneys and other industry professionals who can also benefit his clients. It is his hope that through his knowledge and experience, he will be an integral component in helping his clients achieve their goals. A Real Estate transaction has many nuances, from beginning to the eventual closing. There are moving pieces, individuals and negotiations at work in concert resulting in a property transitioning between two parties, the Buyer and the Seller. It is important to have an expert by your side.

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