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Certification(s): REALTOR®

In 1970, after attending Springfield College, Margie MacDonald ventured to New Hampshire for a summer job, and the captivating natural beauty, serene lifestyle, and welcoming community convinced her to establish roots in the Mt. Washington Valley. Juggling part-time real estate work while pursuing a master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Southern Maine, Margie eventually transitioned to a full-time career in real estate in 1976, effectively leveraging the skills her education had imparted.

Presently, Margie resides alongside her husband, Mac, on Silver Lake in Madison. Mac, a retired police officer, dedicates his time to maintaining their investment properties and cherishing his role as an actively engaged grandfather. Margie actively participates in the Madison Baptist Church, serves on the Board of the Madison Food Pantry, and is a member of the Silver Lake Landing Board of Directors, overseeing a residential community catering to senior citizens in Madison. She and Mac have demonstrated their commitment to mission work in Haiti, contributing their expertise in areas such as medical care, construction, and education. They take pride in sponsoring two young adults in Port au Prince, Haiti.

Their children have embarked on diverse journeys. Their eldest daughter has settled nearby with her husband and daughter, who’s nearing the completion of her studies at McGill University in Montréal, Canada. Their son resides in New York and works in the entertainment industry, with his wife serving as a film editor. The second daughter and her husband reside a short distance away and are blessed with two children and three grandchildren. The youngest daughter, Jenn, boasts a professional snowboarding background and fore-ran the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Alpine Snowboard events. She now works at an accounting firm in Westbrook, Maine and has an energetic 11-year-old daughter named Paxtin.

Margie is a cancer survivor who finds immense fulfillment in making the most of each day. She dedicates herself to hard work and ensures there’s always time for family, friends, and the pursuits that bring her happiness. The MacDonalds own a vacation home in Port Charlotte, Florida, with aspirations of eventually spending five months there and seven months on Silver Lake, though their deep-rooted love for the White Mountains of New Hampshire will always remain unwavering.

Margie is proud to be associated with Senné, collaborating with a remarkable group of agents and support professionals. Her standing in Carroll County as a leading listing and selling agent has been maintained over the years.

Prospective clients are encouraged to reach out and engage Margie’s expertise to meet their real estate requirements. She is recognized for her experience, knowledge, and unwavering professionalism, qualities that define her reputation and reliability.

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