December 8, 2020 2 minute read

Why is Quality Property Management More Important than Ever?

By Benjamin Smith, Director of Investment Property Management

With the changing nature of the current real estate market in Greater Boston, there has never been a time where quality property management has been so important. With vacancy rates on the rise and market rents suppressed, landlords need to be very strategic with their investment units. 

Landlords will be facing challenges that they may have never encountered before. Boston has seen unprecedented rent growth for so many years that landlords in our city have never encountered a true “renter’s market.” During these times, retaining existing tenants is of the utmost importance. Here are the three ways your investment properties will directly benefit from having professional property management services from Senné. 

1. Tenant Retention 

In the current market, keeping your existing tenants happy and getting them to renew their lease is imperative. Tenants who are satisfied with their property managers are three times as likely to renew their leases. With professional property management from Senné, your tenants will have 24/7 access to the full Senné team, including talented maintenance technicians and our experienced staff who can help solve any problem. With our high-quality property management services, your tenants will be satisfied and more likely to renew their leases, therefore decreasing your risk of an empty apartment. 

2. Financial Management

Strong financials are the foundation of a healthy investment. At Senné, we consider financial transparency our strength, as we provide our clients with a holistic overview of their income and expenses. Our team assists in the timely collection of rents, bill pay, vendor contract negotiations, and anything that falls under financial account management. Our diligent oversight of collections will keep your property operating at peak performance. Through our extensive network of preferred partners and comprehensive budgeting, we can increase your revenues to ensure your investment property is an asset to your financials — not a liability. 

3. Professional Leasing 

In the event you need to secure new tenants, our professional leasing team can take care of the entire process — give us the keys and we’ll take care of the rest. The Senné team has been trained in proper COVID-19 procedures so we can show your property as safely as possible. With our digital marketing capabilities and targeted advertising, we can bring more eyes to your units. Our Marketing team can also create immersive 3D Matterport tours of any property so potential renters can get an accurate view of your property from the comfort and safety of their home. When Senné takes care of your leasing, you can be sure that we’ll process every application to get the most qualified tenants in your unit as quickly as possible. 

If you’re looking for a stress-free way to enhance your investment or you need help getting started, reach out to our team to learn what we can do for you. Let’s talk! Email me at [email protected].



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