May 3, 2023 1 minute read

6 Stair Renovation Mistakes That Will Cost You

Anyone who has ever attempted a stair renovation can tell you: It can be an uphill battle, both literally and figuratively. In recent years staircases have transitioned from solely functional to outstanding showcases for creativity, highlighting everything from plaster details to outlandish color palettes. That said, renovating a staircase can go very poorly when done incorrectly. Maybe you’ve seen the viral TikTok video of the under-stair wine cellar, which cultivated a savage response from commenters who believed two of the load-bearing beams were removed. (The owner later clarified in a follow-up video that a structural engineer oversaw the entire process.) In the hopes of avoiding any major catastrophes, we asked industry insiders to share some common stair renovation mistakes that increase bills and slow down productivity during the renovation process.

“The first mistake when renovating stairs is not hiring a professional,” warns Jose Orellana, Director of Property Maintenance at Senné. He advises asking for both references and pictures of previous jobs so a homeowner can receive hard evidence that someone understands the task. “Finish carpentry is a unique skill that requires physical strength, keen eye coordination of a visual space, and precision of the work being performed,” says Orellana. They specialize in precise cuts and snug fits for all types of woodwork, which Orellana considers “a must for the appearance of any completed project.”

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