March 11, 2024 3 minute read

Boston Agent Magazine: Stacey Reifer Promoted to Executive Director, Residential Brokerage

Senné is thrilled to announce the promotion of Stacey Reifer to Executive Director, Residential Brokerage, effective immediately. In her new role, Stacey will leverage her extensive background in luxury sales, rental expertise, and on-site development to drive Senné’s residential brokerage to new heights.

Stacey Reifer’s tenure as Managing Director for the Residential team at Senné represents a pinnacle of expertise and accomplishment within the real estate industry. With a real estate background spanning over 15 years, Stacey has cultivated her skills through key positions at esteemed firms such as Boston Properties and Lincoln Properties.

Her impact at Senné is undeniable, marked by a series of strategic initiatives that have propelled the company to new heights. Notably, Stacey’s leadership has been instrumental in doubling Senné’s agent roster, a testament to her ability to attract and nurture talent within the organization. Moreover, her visionary approach led to the expansion of Senné’s footprint into New Hampshire, facilitated by the successful merger of a new residential office in October 2023.

Under Stacey’s guidance, Senné has undergone significant transformation and growth. Her keen insight and proactive management style have driven the renovation and expansion of residential offices in key locations such as Arlington and Cambridge. By revitalizing these spaces, Stacey has created environments conducive to productivity and collaboration, fostering a culture of excellence among team members.

Furthermore, Stacey’s strategic hiring of office sales managers has further solidified Senné’s position as a leader in the real estate market. Through meticulous recruitment and development efforts, she has assembled a team of dedicated professionals poised to drive continued success and innovation within the company.

Stacey’s accomplishments reflect Senné’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Her leadership has ushered in a new era of prosperity, positioning Senné as a formidable force in the real estate landscape. As the company continues to thrive under her guidance, Stacey’s vision and expertise will undoubtedly shape its trajectory for years to come.

“This promotion reflects Senné’s commitment to excellence and growth in the residential real estate market,” said William Senné, CEO. “Stacey Reifer’s leadership and vision are expected to usher in a new era of innovation and success for the company and its clients.”

In addition to Stacey’s promotion, Senné is proud to recognize other team members’ achievements and new roles. Nicole Pirnie, Senior Director of Residential Brokerage, continues to make significant contributions as the vice-chair of the GBAR Global Council and a MAR Professional Standards Committee member. Christie Fusco, our Sales Manager for the Boston Waterfront office, has joined the GBAR Global Council, reinforcing our commitment to global engagement and diversity in real estate.

Senné is pleased to share the grand reopening of our Arlington office at 75 Park Avenue, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation in real estate. This transformation marks a new chapter in our journey, and we’re grateful for the continued support of our clients, partners, and team.

This series of announcements reflects Senné’s commitment to growth, excellence, and diversity in the real estate market. Under the leadership of Stacey Reifer and our talented team, we look forward to setting new standards of success and service for our clients and communities.

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