September 16, 2020 3 minute read

Build a home office that works for you

For employees across the country, working from home might be more permanent than originally expected. In order to adapt to these changes, it’s more important than ever to make the most of your workspace at home. 

While not every home or apartment has a dedicated room for an office, there are still steps you can take to make your space feel more conducive to working. Here are some of the Senné team’s best tips for creating a home office that suits your needs. 

Small Space Possibilities 

Dedicated home offices once felt like something that was only achievable in a sprawling house. If you’ve found yourself working from your small city apartment, a home office is still a possibility for you. With a little creativity and some strategically picked items, you can have a work area that suits all your needs.

Start by taking a fresh look at your space. Sometimes, taking photos of your place can help you gain a new perspective. You’ll want to identify a nook where you could place a small desk or table. Some creative options for you to consider include taking over an underused corner of your kitchen, replacing a couch’s side table with a desk, or even repurposing a closet into an office by removing the door. It may require some shifting of your current furniture layout, but it will be well worth it to no longer have to work from your dining room table or from your bed. 

Get Comfortable

Those eight-hour workdays sitting on a couch could be taking a toll on your spine. One of the big-ticket items you should prioritize for your home office is a desk chair. Do ample research and really think about what you need in a chair: a high back, sturdy arms, or adjustable height. There are ergonomic chairs at every price point available and some are even more stylish than what you likely had at the office. 

If you had an adjustable standing desk at your last office, it’s easy to recreate that at home. Invest in a removable stand for your computer that would allow you to easily switch from sitting to standing. Trust us, your back will thank you.

Bring Some Life To Your Desk

Your home office doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Make this space somewhere you enjoy spending time in. Just because this is primarily a functional area, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. A house plant, a sleek lamp, and a desk organizer can improve your work experience while also making your space more aesthetically pleasing. 

Consider Your Background 

Our final tip is to focus on the area directly behind your home office. Hopping on video calls for meetings has become the new normal. Give some thought to what can be seen behind you when you’re on these calls. If you’re sitting in front of a blank wall, add some art to bring some life to your Zoom calls. If there’s tons of clutter in view, consider reorganizing so coworkers or clients aren’t distracted during the call. 

If this switch to working from home has convinced you that you need to move to a more functional, adaptable home, reach out to one of our experienced Senné Associates who can help you find a space to spread out and enjoy your time at home. Start your search today!

Sophia Pushkin


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