Sean Persson

Director, Residential Brokerage

Certification(s): REALTOR®, Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager Designation (CRB)

Sean joined the team as residential brokerage manager in early 2015. Since that time Sean has stewarded a rental and sales organization that has quickly become one of the top producing teams in the region. He is a skilled leader who earns the respect of his teams by walking the walk. Whether training new associates, taking the lead with challenging situations or crafting new innovative campaigns, Sean is consistently setting a great example and motivating those around him to make the company better for the staff and our clients.

Sean is a Cape Cod native and currently lives in Stoneham, Massachusetts. He attended the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth before moving closer to Boston to pursue real estate. Outside of work, he likes to relax by spending time with his partner and two daughters or taking the occasional hike.

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