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Interior Design Trends To Inspire The Next Decade Of Your Home

Trends change so frequently, it often feels as though as soon as we catch up to one, it’s time has come and gone and everyone has moved on to the next big thing. As the year comes to an end, we decided to take a look at what’s popular right now, and what to expect as we ring in the new decade. 

Less is More 

Minimalism is quite possibly one of, if not the most, popular design styles throughout the world. While many may think of minimalism as cold, boring, and empty, if done right, it can be absolutely stunning. Influencers and designers Erin Hiemstra (@apartment_34) and Brady Tolbert (@bradytolbert) love the simple and airy look that gives any space a “modern and fresh” feeling. Hiemstra is an advocate for Marie Kondo-ing the kitchen and using zero uppers, or adding unnecessary clutter, to achieve the look. Meanwhile, Tolbert recommends statement pieces that “speak for themselves” in an otherwise clean and simple room.   

Modernism often goes hand in hand with minimalism, as both are very clean, clutter-free, and sleek looks. Simplicity doesn’t stop with the furniture and decorations. Many people also stick to light and fresh colors to coat their walls.

 Living in Color

Millennial pink has been trending for a few years, and the hue’s time in the spotlight is far from over. This year, designers are seeing Sherwin Williams’ “Romance” paint color used in more and more spaces. The blush tone is similar to the classic millennial pink, just with less saturation and a dusty, more sophisticated look. Benjamin Moore also announced “First Light,” a soft, dusky pink, as their color of the year. This light shade can be used as a paint color throughout any home as it can make any space feel light and clean. “Minty Fresh,” “Tranquil Dawn,” and “Whirlwind” were other popular light and neutral colors this year. 

Do these light colors sound too boring for you? Don’t worry—color pops are huge this season as well. Whether it be an accent wall, couch, or simply a lamp, a pop of color is always a warm, welcoming addition to any room. Among the most coveted bright colors is ochre, a stunning golden yellow that designers believe will continue to have its moment in the coming months. 

Sustainability—But Make it Fashion 

It’s no secret that in the last few years, people have shifted their focus to the environment and what role we play in protecting it. Designers have found that sustainability is one of the most common priorities among those looking to decorate their homes, apartments, and even their workplaces. 

Social media influencer Grace Atwood noted that one way to make more environmentally-conscious design decisions is to “really think about who you are buying from, the materials being used to create each item, and what values the company stands for.” 

Additionally, repurposing existing pieces, buying vintage furniture, and integrating natural materials into your space are easy ways to decorate more sustainably. According to Authentic Interior’s predictions based on Milan Fashion Week, we can expect these eco-friendly trends to remain popular for the foreseeable future.

So, What’s Next?

While it’s likely we’ll see some of the same trends in the upcoming new year, designers have some other predictions for new trends to come. White kitchens have had their moment and now it’s time to make room for predominantly black kitchens (and bathrooms!). Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk is loving this sophisticated, elegant look and hopes to see some bold homeowners give it a shot. 

The switch from minimalism to maximalism is another complete 180 that some designers are expecting. With the popularity of bold, unlikely colors and patterns becoming more ubiquitous for interiors, designers are looking forward to creating unique spaces tailored to each individual client. An easy way to add a maximalist touch is by mixing textures. Expect to see rooms with velvet, leather, suede, and especially bouclé accents living side-by-side. 

In just a few short months, we’ll start to track whether these design predictions hold true in the new decade.

Want to know more about interior design or a specific trend? Let me know!

Mikala Downey


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