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Living in Rhode Island: Is Life in the Ocean State Right For You?

Proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Miles of coastline and beaches. An eclectic arts and food scene.  A state that’s compact yet filled with a multitude of activities. 

Known for its sandy shores and seaside Colonial villages to the famed mansions of the Gilded Age and Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island has something for everyone. 

Rhode Island is a small state with a big personality. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider moving to Rhode Island. 

Small Size Means Easy Accessibility to Everything

Rhode Island (which got its name from the Greek island of Rhodes) is a tiny state, measuring just 48 miles long and 36 miles wide, and its small size has earned it the nickname “Little Rhody”. Due to its popularity with renters and home buyers, Rhode Island is the second-most densely populated state in U.S. (New Jersey is the first). This means that Rhode Islanders are never more than an hour’s drive from anywhere else in the state – including the abundant beaches.

Coastal Vibes

Rhode Island boasts 400 miles of coastline (that’s a lot of coastline for such a small state!). This abundant coastline means easy boating, fishing, beach walks, amazing views, and great seafood.  Rhode Island has the nickname the “Ocean State” for a good reason. The state is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on two sides, and its coastline is lined with picturesque inlets, coves, and bays that draw locals and visitors during the summer.  Whether you’re looking for a wide sandy beach, a rocky coastline, a bustling boardwalk or a quiet beach with scenic views, you’ll find what you’re looking for on Rhode Island’s coast.

Consider heading to Bristol if you’d like to combine your beach with a side of boutique-lined streets, delicious dining, and history. If you’re looking for a classic New England coastal beach, the 19-acre Narragansett Town Beach and in the summer, this popular beach draws up to 10,000 beachgoers per day. 

The Misquamicut Beach in the coastal town of Westerly, Rhode Island, is approximately seven miles in length, making Misquamicut the longest stretch of beach anywhere in Rhode Island. Westerly is also home to a bustling downtown filled with restaurants, shopping and trendy bars. 

Arts and Culture

Art and culture are at the forefront of life in Rhode Island. Providence is home to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) a hotbed of fine art and creativity, as well as AS220, an art forum where musicians and performers present their work, teach classes and host community events. The creative flair of Rhode Island can be seen at the WaterFire festival, art festivals, and the outdoor art that pops up around the state.  Providence has also been called a “mecca” for the arts by the New York Times. The St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center in Wakefield, is home to North America’s largest collection of fresco paintings. There are tons of art galleries in Rhode Island and as an added bonus,  the state has a no sale tax policy on art. 

Food, Glorious Food 

Rhode Island is filled with culinary delights and Providence frequently appears on lists of top food cities in America. Graduates from culinary school Johnson & Wales help fuel the vibrant restaurant scene. Due to the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, fresh seafood abounds here and Rhode Island’s culinary scene benefits from a diverse culinary culture featuring Portuguese, French Near Eastern and Asian cuisines. Whether you’re looking for New England classics,  farm-to-table restaurants, vegan or Asian fusion, you’ll be sure to find it in Rhode Island. 

Coffee Culture

Rhode Island residents love their coffee and take it quite seriously. There are more Dunkin Donuts per capita in the Ocean State than any other state in the nation. Independent coffee shops and small-batch roasters dot the streets of Rhode Island – The Coffee Exchange in Providence, Empire in Newport, and Main Street Coffee in East Greenwich are just a few of the coffee options you’ll find here. In 1993, Rhode Island declared its official state drink to be ‘coffee with milk’. This regional delight is a combination of coffee syrup and milk that tastes like something between a coffee milkshake and chocolate milk.  

With its abundant coast, culture and charm, you’ll see what the buzz is about when you visit Rhode Island. Whether you’re looking for an urban environment, a small town or a coastal retreat, Rhode Island has something for you. If you’re looking to make the move to Rhode Island, give us a call at 617.314.9400 to get matched with a Senné Associate and start your search today.



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