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Beacon Hill, named for the beacon that warned residents of impending attacks in the early days, is home to some of the most iconic scenery in Boston. The Massachusetts State House sits at the top of Beacon Street. Representatives taking meetings and creating policy often retire to any of the popular restaurants and bars on Charles Street at the end of the day. The cobblestone streets and gas-lit streetlamps can often make visitors feel like they’ve stepped into a picture from a history book, but residents like it that way.


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Beacon Hill is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Boston, if not the country. In fact, Acorn Street is the most photographed street in the United States. The cobblestone streets and quaint brick buildings covered in ivy are the pinnacle of historic Boston and the source of Beacon Hill’s charm.

The neighborhood may be steeped in history, but it’s full of modern day amenities. Charles Street is lined with restaurants, cafés and bars, as well as boutique shops and galleries. With easy access to the Green, Red, and Blue lines of the MBTA, it’s a commuter’s dream.

The prime location and charming streets come at a high cost, but Beacon Hill is home to some of the most elegant homes you can find in Boston.

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