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Next door to TD Garden and home to new luxury developments, the West End is a center for excitement.


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Just north of Beacon Hill lies the West End, a mixed-use commercial and residential area and focal point on the urban compass that houses City Hall and TD Garden. The West End boasts a rich and vibrant melting pot of cultures, sweeping views of the Charles River, and upscale high-rises among historic buildings.

Convenience is king around here. Whether you're looking for a quick bite to eat before a Celtics game or need the hop on the T for a quick ride into the city, the West End has what you need.

West End Team
Sean Persson

Director, Residential Services

Leanna Callimanopulos

Senior Associate

Thomas Devine

Senior Associate

David Freni

Senior Associate

Christy Henault

Senior Associate

Cydnee Hines

Senior Associate

Jacob King

Manager, Commercial Brokerage

Bea Liang

Senior Associate

Bob O'Reilly

Senior Associate

Lauren Perry

Senior Associate

Jonathan Rayo

Senior Associate

James Rowe


Olsi Sasa


Tom Sheehan

Senior Associate

Hunter Sleeper

Senior Associate

Jing Tu


Leyla Yildiz

Senior Associate

Residential Sales & Leasing

Ready to make the move to the West End? Start here.

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