Condominium Association Management

The association management teams at Senné handle full-service management for condominium and cooperative association clients in Massachusetts and New York. Our teams work in lockstep alongside our in-house accounting and maintenance teams to handle all day-to-day operations for our condominium and cooperative association clients. We specialize in all types of association management solutions, from the implementation of new development communities by working closely with developers and new incoming Board of Trustees to ensure seamless transitions and smooth operations, to turn-around management providing full building revamps and aggressive budgeting and cost-saving techniques to better showcase associations in their best light.

Our Services

  • Financial Management

    Strong financials are the foundation of a healthy investment. We consider this our
    strength and provide our owners with full financial transparency. Financial management includes:

    • Timely collection of monthly condo association dues and additional income sources as required
    • Review and payment of common room expenses
    • Financial account management, reporting and analysis with real-time online access provided to Trustees
    • Forecasting for current and future capital improvement needs
    • Annual budget and tax return preparation
  • Vendor Management

    We maintain strong relationships with a variety of local vendors, who provide outstanding service to our clients. Vendor management includes:

    • Vendor contract review, analysis, and negotiation to ensure accuracy and best pricing
    • Review and oversight of all vendor performance while on job sites
    • Coordination of all accounts payable
  • Communication and Administrative Management

    We’re committed to maintaining quality relationships with our clients through open communication. Communication and administrative management includes:

    • Open communications with the Management team at Senné for all property matters
    • Open and proactive communication with Senné for all future planning
    • Communication with Trustees and owners for all questions and concerns
    • Implementation, and enforcement of all association rules and regulations
    • Attendance and coordination of annual trustee and annual owners meetings
Meet The Team
Kerry Patterson

Executive Director, Property Management

David Grosvenor

Director, New York City Property Management

Jackie Melendez

Senior Property Manager

Craig Nigro

Senior Property Manager

Carolyn Barry

Property Manager

Mark Belcher

Property Manager

Matthew Curran

Assistant Property Manager

Anthony Quintanilla

Property Manager

Harrison Schell

Property Manager

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