October 11, 2022 3 minute read

The Senné team brings fun to modern day real estate experiences

Over the summer, a new trend swept through social media feeds, inspired by a series of children’s books from the 70s and 80s. The viral “Little Miss” trend appeared all over social media and featured re-captioned covers of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books, which featured characters like Little Miss Naughty and Mr. Happy.   

The whimsical “Little Miss” memes are fill-in-the-blank style memes with highly specific and often highly relatable descriptions. Ranging from Little Miss Never Wrong to Little Miss Wants Her Ex Back, these colorful cartoon drawings have become an Instagram and Tik Tok sensation and the #LittleMiss hashtag has racked up millions of likes, views and shares. 

The Origin of the Little Miss Books

The illustrations that inspired the Little Miss memes date back to 1971 and were the brainchild of British author and illustrator Roger Hargreaves. The author was inspired to start the series when his son Adam asked him to describe what a tickle looked like. Mr. Hargreaves answered the question by drawing Mr. Tickle, a yellow, squiggly man donning an adorable blue top hat. The character launched the Mr. Men series, which later went on to sell over 100 million copies worldwide, and spawned the spinoff series Little Miss in 1981. Roger Hargreaves died in 1988 with his son Adam taking over Mr. Men with new drawings and stories.

The Senné team jumps into action

The Senné team was inspired to jump on this trend and put their unique spin on it. 

“When we saw this trend pop up we had to jump on it! We wanted to create assets that were both relatable to our target clients as well as those in the real estate realm. It’s the type of content that’s fun to engage with, understandable and easily shareable,” said Sophia Pushkin, Social Media Manager at Senné.  

Sophia worked with graphic designer Owen Hudson to design their own version of Senné little Miss and Mister social media assets, taking this fun trend from everyday annoyances and angst to the world of real estate. They worked together to design a series of clever assets that illustrate the frustrations of buyers and renters in today’s competitive real estate landscape. These graphics depicted familiar issues that many residential REALTORS®, renters and buyers are dealing with today, such as Mr. Confused by Interest Rates, Little Miss Looking for a Single Family Home and Little Mr. Always On Call. 

Sophia posted these images on Senné ’s social media accounts and invited Senné ’s followers (and team members) to engage with the post by sharing which Little Miss character represented them best.

When the team shared the campaign with REALTORS® far and wide, they received an enthusiastic response as their audience posted comments noting which of the graphics resonated with them most strongly. 

“Today’s top marketers aren’t simply competing to sell products or services. They are competing for consumer attention across hundreds of platforms, amidst a sea of content, all while trying to generate engagement with audiences whose attention is measured in milliseconds. To be successful, brands have to be nimble, quick and culturally relevant. Senné’s social media success occurred because they identified an opportunity early, created content for a purpose, stayed true to their brand and demonstrated that they are in touch with the homebuying trends on their clients’ minds,” said David Jensen, President of Regan Digital Studio.

Whether you’re Little Miss Looking for a Condo with a Pool or Mr. Needs a Garage for the Lawnmower, Senné can find a home that meets your needs. Give us a call at 617.314.9400 to get matched with a Senné Associate and start your search today.

If you’d like to download the assets for use on your social media feed, click on the images below to save them to your computer.




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