315-317 Langley Road, Newton MA

An Exclusive Offering

Developers behold! This is a unique and rare opportunity to acquire 2 single-family homes on adjoining lots in the highly sought-after neighborhood of Thompsonville in Newton. There is the possibility for 2 two-family style Townhouse structures for a total of 4 condos or 5-unit Townhouse Development if you combine the lots and apply for a special permit. 

The property is located on the border of Chestnut Hill and Newton Center. Newton Center is the nexus point to all of Newton, Chestnut Hill, and Brookline. Walking distance to the T. Close proximity to Equinox, Lifetime Fitness, Barry’s Bootcamp, Wegmans, Whole Foods, and the local malls and restaurants. Walking distance and close to the Bowen School, easy access to Newton North and South, and the local universities. Newton, specifically this area of Newton, is the second most desirable location in the country and the No. 2 school district. 20-minute drive to Boston, Cambridge, South Station, and Logan Airport.

Location Overview: Thompsonville

The Newton village of Thompsonville is often associated with its Bowen School, perhaps because it seems like everyone in Newton can figure out where the Bowen School is, but figuring out where Thompsonville begins and ends can be a bit more challenging. Thompsonville’s village center is even more elusive…

According to City hall’s “Village Views” webpages, Thompsonville “has a concentration of commercial activity near the intersection of Langley Road and Jackson Street, but the village is most closely associated with Chestnut Hill and the regional shopping malls on Route 9/Boylston Street “. Thompsonville is bordered by Newton Centre and the Newton Andover Theological Seminary to the northwest, conservation land to the northeast and south, Oak Hill to the southwest, and the malls of Chestnut Hill to the southeast. Newton Centre dominates at one end, and Route 9 and the malls at the other. It wasn’t always this way.

Source: Newton Villages Alliance

315 Langley Road

Property Details:

  • Property Address: 315 Langley Road Newton MA 02459
  • Number of Units: Single Family
  • Year Built: 1950
  • Land Area: 10,857 SQ FT. 
  • Gross Living Area: 1,016 SQ FT
  • Total Gross Area: 2,320 SQ FT.
  • Parking 4 garage and 1 driveway spaces

317 Langley Road

Property Details:

  • Property Address: 317 Langley Road Newton MA 02459
  • Number of Units: Single Family
  • Year Built: 1910
  • Land Area: 10,000 SQ FT. 
  • Gross Living Area: 1,939 SQ FT
  • Total Gross Area: 3,388 SQ FT.
  • Parking 2 garage and 1 driveway spaces

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