A Bastion of Education and Discovery

Cambridge is home to two of the most respected universities in the world, but the city is so much more than that. From the biotechnology firms that make life-saving discoveries to the sustainable, eco-conscious citywide programs, Cambridge is setting the standard for what a modern city can achieve.




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Just to the north of Boston across the Charles River sits Cambridge, a.k.a. The City of Squares; named for its intersecting streets that form smaller neighborhoods within the larger city. Cambridge is home to both Harvard University and MIT, making it the epicenter of innovation and knowledge; let’s call it a smart move.

Cambridge is nicknamed "The City of Squares" for good reason. There are five main squares, each with their own distinct culture and history.

Cambridge Team
Sean Persson

Director, Residential Brokerage

Leanna Callimanopulos

Senior Associate

Thomas Devine

Senior Associate

Christy Henault

Senior Associate

Jacob King

Manager, Commercial Brokerage

Bea Liang

Senior Associate

Bob O'Reilly

Senior Associate

Lauren Perry

Senior Associate

Jonathan Rayo

Senior Associate

James Rowe


Tom Sheehan

Senior Associate

Colleen Sleeper

Senior Associate

Hunter Sleeper

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Jing Tu


Leyla Yildiz

Senior Associate

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