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Brookline’s charming tree-lined streets hold a wealth of history and offer a wide array of food, culture and shopping options. This highly walkable enclave provides easy access to downtown Boston via public transportation.

Brookline features a vibrant mix of bustling commercial districts, including Coolidge Corner, Washington Square and Brookline Village, interspersed with quiet residential neighborhoods. The town is walkable and a short train ride away from downtown Boston, making it a popular option for working professionals, families and students.

This seven-square-mile enclave is rich in history.  The town began as a hamlet of Boston called Muddy River. In 1705, Brookline became a separate entity and took its name from a farm owned by Judge Samuel Sewall, most famous for being a key player in the Salem Witch Trials. Many historical landmarks dot the streets of Brookline, including the birthplace of President John F. Kennedy, the Frederick Law Olmsted House and The Williams Ingersoll Bowditch House was a haven for escaped slaves on the Underground Railroad. 


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The second electric trolley line in the country was established in Brookline and is the oldest one still in continuous operation. The MBTA’s Green Line runs through Brookline, offering convenient commuting options to Boston via the C and D lines. 

In addition to its many trees, Brookline is home to several parks and paths, which provide shady, quiet alternatives to the vibrance of Brookline’s main streets. Larz Anderson Park, Brookline’s largest park, is a peaceful oasis, spanning 61 acres and featuring rolling hills, a pond, city views and an ice rink. 


 This lively community is chockful of culture. There's something for everyone in Brookline.  

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