March 3, 2023 2 minute read

These Are Real Estate Agents’ Secrets for a Nice-Smelling Home (That Aren’t Cookies or Candles)

Nicole Pirnie, Senior Director of Residential Brokerage at Senné, was featured in a sweet-scented article on about how to get your home to smell great without lighting a candle.

It would probably save plenty of house-hunting time if real estate listings could convey a home’s smell. While an apartment or house may look mighty cute on Zillow, sometimes you just can’t predict the scents that you’ll find inside. I asked a few real estate agents who have dealt with the occasional “olfactory assault” what their tips and tricks are for keeping a property smelling so fresh and so clean.

Nicole Pirnie suggests regularly changing air furnace filters, bath mats, and shower curtain liners, which can get moldy over time. Both Pirnie and Niles recommended grinding lemons in the garbage disposal, followed by a full rinse with dish soap. But if you’re looking to eradicate a smell without spending any money, the most cost-efficient odor eliminator has consistently proven to be fresh air.

Of course, be sure to always follow the Realtor’s golden rule of smell elimination: Take out the trash, and don’t wait a week until the smell of what’s in the trash bag lingers in the can.

“Don’t skip a day,” says Pirnie, who swears by emptying trash daily.

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