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Train your green thumb: Customized plant care in South Boston

Houseplants are taking off! Instagram and home decor magazines are filled with gorgeous examples of how you can breathe some life into your home with plants. However, it’s not enough to just go out and buy any old plant for your home — you have to keep them alive.

That’s where Micro Plant Studio comes in. This South Boston plant shop is on a mission to help anyone develop their green thumb. We spoke with founder Julio César Román to learn more about why he opened this store and some of his tips for Bostonians looking to get started with houseplants. 

When did you open this Micro Plant Studio?

I started my business online in 2017. I used to work as a teacher for Boston Public Schools but decided to quit my job and pursue my other passions. I started this business entirely on my own. In the beginning, I was selling succulent propagations. Micro Plant Studio grew quickly and in 2018, I realized I would need a physical space for my business. 

Why did you choose South Boston?

I chose South Boston because it’s recently gone through an evolution. I love this neighborhood because of its diversity in terms of socioeconomic and ethic backgrounds. I have a master’s degree in public policy that I pulled from to help me determine where was the best place to open my plant shop. I looked at the data and found that South Boston had a large gap and need for these types of services. The neighborhood is home to a number of young professionals and young families looking to beautify their homes. Its accessibility to the MBTA was also a huge draw for me. 

What’s your favorite part about the neighborhood?

What I love most about South Boston is the people. My neighbors have been really supportive of my business. The past year was so chaotic but I’m so grateful that the people around me have shown their support in a huge way and helped my business stay afloat. 

I always hope to be a positive influence in my community. There are lots of little kids in my neighborhood who always stop by to enjoy my colorful window displays. I work hard on those displays to beautify the area and create a sense of hope and optimism. In the past year, that was more needed than ever before. I love being able to have a business that is so heavily connected with the people in my neighborhood. 

Do you have any tips for beginner plant owners?

One of the things we take most pride in at Micro Plant Studio is the tailored approach we take to plant care. There is no one size fits all method and I always pull from my youth development background to help educate my clients. 

I start by learning more about the environment that the plant will live in. You need to consider all sorts of elements, such as what type of light the spot gets and what the air flow is in the area you’d like to place a plant. The more information I have about their environment and lifestyle the better the advice I can offer. From there, I can guide my clients to a plant that is right for them. I try to be accessible as possible. My customers can always reach me with questions or photos of their plants on Instagram in case they experience any issues. Our tailored service is what separates us from the big box stores. 

What are some of your unique offerings?

One of our most unique offerings is that we do full soil changes for plants. This helps prolong the life of a plant. We also offer delivery services that cover all of Greater Boston. We aim to be as personalized and customer-driven as possible. We even do home consultations where we come check out a space, both inside and outside, to help give advice on what are the best plant options. I’m a big believer that there is a plant for everyone.  

If you’d like to browse the plant selection at Micro Plant Studio or are in need of more plant care tips, stop by the shop at 365 West Broadway in Boston or visit their website

Sophia Pushkin


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