February 21, 2023 2 minute read

The Unique NIL Journey of Boston College Star Belle Smith

Belle Smith, a student-athlete partner with Senné, was recently featured in an article by the New England Lacrosse Journal about her experience with the Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) deals she’s signed in her time at Boston College. Keep reading for an excerpt from this profile, available exclusively through NELJ.

William Senné is the founder of Senné. He’s also a Boston College alumnus and a current supporter of the university and its athletics programs. When he heard about the introduction of NIL to the college athletics landscape, he thought partnering with a BC athlete would be great for the company’s brand strategy, to “connect and make people realize how close we are to them,” while also helping the company feel approachable and relatable, and engage with a different demographic.

“[Belle Smith] is at the top of her game,” said Senné. “She’s humble, local, where we’re a regional coastal firm. She’s from New York. She’s going to school in Boston, and they’re both markets that we’re in, and also, she had a likelihood of growing with us. She’s got friends that are likely to work in and live in Boston for a long time, so she just seems like the right fit.”

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