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Do Listing Photos Matter? Experts Say Yes!

“Do you really need a professional photographer for this property? It’s just a regular house.” This question is more common among our seller clients than you might expect. We asked a few of our real estate experts to answer some common questions about property photos.


Q: What are listing photos?

Sean Persson, Director of Residential Brokerage: Real estate listing photos are photographs of a property that are included in an online or offline listing to showcase the property to potential buyers or renters. Real estate listing photos are important because they play a crucial role in attracting potential buyers or renters to a property. These photos are typically taken by professional photographers, and those photographers typically specialize in real estate photography. Real estate photography is an art form and the listing agent and photographer collaborate to get the best-finished product possible.


Q: Why is the quality of listing photos important? What are the risks of using poor quality/bad photos in a home listing?  

Nicole Pirnie, Senior Director of Residential Brokerage: The quality of listing photos is crucial because they are the first impression that potential buyers or renters have of a property. High-quality photos can help to showcase the property’s best features, highlight its unique selling points, and create an emotional connection with viewers. On the other hand, poor-quality photos can make a property look unappealing, outdated, or even unlivable, which can deter potential buyers or renters from even considering it.

Using poor quality or bad photos in a home listing can have several risks, including decreased interest, lower perceived value, extended time on the market, and a negative impression of the seller or agent. Overall, investing in high-quality listing photos is an important part of the marketing process for any property, as it can significantly impact the level of interest and perceived value of the property. 

Q: How many listing photos should be taken and used in a home listing and why? Who determines which areas of the home to photograph and ultimately use in the listing?

NP: The number of listing photos taken and used in a home listing can vary depending on the property and the real estate agent or brokerage firm handling the sale or rental. However, a common guideline is to include between 20 to 30 high-quality photos that effectively showcase the property’s best features and highlight its unique qualities.

The goal is to create a comprehensive and visually appealing representation of the property that will help it stand out from the competition and generate interest among potential buyers or renters. Ultimately, the real estate agent or brokerage firm will use their expertise and knowledge of the local market to determine which areas of the home to photograph and which photos to include in the final listing.


Q: Can/should homeowners have any input in the listing photos taken and used? What do you recommend here? 

SP: It is important for homeowners to feel like they have a part in the process of ensuring the property is being marketed in the best possible way.  After all, who knows the property better than the homeowner?  However, oftentimes homeowners can have an emotional attachment to the home that can vary from the marketability aspects of the photography of the listing. It is important for the listing agent to coach the seller to declutter and remove personal possessions prior to photographing the property in order to create an inclusive environment and allow potential buyers to picture themselves living in the space as they might keep it.


 Q: If the homeowner is not happy with one or more listing photos taken and used, what should they do?

NP: If the homeowner is not happy with one or more listing photos taken and used, the first step is to discuss their concerns with the real estate agent or brokerage firm handling the sale or rental of the property. They should provide specific feedback on what they don’t like about the photos and explain why.

It’s important to keep in mind that the real estate agent or brokerage firm has the experience and expertise to determine which photos are most effective in marketing the property. However, if there are specific concerns or issues that the homeowner has with the photos, the agent or firm may be able to work with them to address these concerns.

In some cases, it may be possible to retake certain photos or to use different photos that better showcase the property’s features and unique qualities. However, it’s important for the homeowner to remember that the goal is to effectively market the property to potential buyers or renters, and the homeowner needs to trust the listing agent.

Ultimately, the key is to maintain open and honest communication between the homeowner and the real estate agent or brokerage firm, and to work together to achieve the best possible outcome for the sale or rental of the property.

Q: What do you recommend to homeowners in terms of working closely with their real estate agent/agency when it comes to taking, selecting, and using listing photos?


  1. Communicate clearly: It is important to communicate your needs and preferences clearly with your real estate agent/agency. Let them know what aspects of the property you want to highlight and what type of buyer or renter you are targeting.
  2. Be open to feedback: Your real estate agent/agency will have experience in selecting and using listing photos effectively. Be open to their suggestions and feedback, as they may be able to offer insights that you have not considered.
  3. Be willing to invest in professional photography: While it may be tempting to take the photos yourself, investing in professional photography can make a big difference in the quality and effectiveness of your listing photos. Your real estate agent/agency can recommend professional photographers and work with them to ensure that the photos meet your needs.
  4. Review the photos carefully: Once the photos have been taken, take the time to review them carefully with your real estate agent/agency. Provide feedback on what aspects of the photos you like and what could be improved.
  5. Be patient: It may take some time to get the listing photos just right. Be patient and work closely with your real estate agent/agency to ensure that the final product effectively showcases your property and appeals to potential buyers or renters.


 Q: Any other thoughts, tips, or suggestions on this topic?

Sophia Pushkin, Social Media Manager: The homeowner should think of their home as if it is its own brand. Beautiful content creates a more elevated feel for that brand. At our firm, we prioritize having “eagle eyes” during our shoots, paying attention to every detail that we think might draw attention to a property. For example, if we spot desirable details such as crown molding, we make sure to capture that in the most beautiful way we can. 


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