March 13, 2023 3 minute read

Balancing History and Modernity During Uncertain Times

25-27 Tremont Street, a gut renovation and new construction development exclusively built and sold by Senné, followed a unique path to become the stylish, luxurious project that recently sold out at over $9M. The Investment and Acquisitions teams at Senné had their eyes on the dilapidated two-family home for quite some time, waiting until the right moment to make an offer.

“The location was wonderful,” says William Senné, CEO/Founder of Senné, “and the rear of the property had a large open space on the oversized lot that we knew would support a second, contemporary new construction property.”

Senné acquired the original property in 2019, and with the input and approval from the city of Cambridge planning department, renovation and construction began in 2020. The existing historic structure in the front of the lot was renovated and lovingly restored, while a second new construction two-family home was built in the formerly unused rear yard.

“The original house suffered from years of neglect that dulled the shine of a beloved former family residence and negatively affected the daily lives of the other Tremont Street residents,” says Senné. “It was important to us as developers that we respected the history and significance of the original property while building homes that recognize the priorities of modern life.”

Three out of the four units of 25-27 Tremont Street sold almost immediately once they hit the market, creating some buzz in the Cambridge area and reaffirming the team’s deep understanding of the potential buyers. With each unit spanning at least 1,500 square feet, the decision to prioritize quality over quantity when it came to the number of units on the lot gave 25-27 Tremont Street a distinct, competitive advantage.

To Moises Martinez, Britany Caruso, and Jacob King, the experienced real estate professionals that make up the William Senné Team, one of the most important priorities for the urban homeowner is private outdoor space.

“We were pleased to be able to deliver a nice mix of homes for a range of buyers,” says Caruso, “and one of the keys to our success was a focus on green spaces and privacy — a rarity in Cambridge new construction homes and a big priority for buyers, especially in the last few years.”

As construction began in 2020, the world was immediately and irrevocably changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Senné team experienced a myriad of delays and shortages, setbacks, and changing plans. In particular, the nationwide supply chain issues caused a serious roadblock for the team.

“The unexpected disruptions we experienced were driven by the effects of the pandemic, but our Development team was able to meet every challenge with intelligent, resourceful solutions that allowed us to bring this project to market without losing an inch of our usual exacting standards for delivery,” says King.

The secret to a successful launch in spite of a global crisis? An incredible team of experts, both on-site and off.

“Our saving grace during this difficult time was the tact and work ethic of our team members, general contractors, and vendors,” says Martinez. “The relationships that Senné has built over the years with service providers allowed us to lock in favorable rates and advantageous delivery schedules, more than most other builders in the city.”

“Exactly,” adds Senné, “The strength of our relationships in the industry and the dedication, passion and grit of our team members powered this project over the finish line.”

The William Senné Team combines decades of construction and development marketing experience to bring exciting residential and investment opportunities to the greater Boston market. To learn more about what we can do to help you achieve your real estate goals, contact us at 617.934.7313 or by email at [email protected]




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