Hip, Energetic, and Wholly Unique

Somerville is a diverse city in every sense of the word. The main streets are lined with family-owned businesses and restaurants from all over the globe. Artists, students, young professionals, and generations of Somerville families work together to make their community one of the most popular places to live in Greater Boston.




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Somerville is home to a diverse population and many housing options within a thriving arts community and an emerging food scene. Single-families, multi-families, condos, and apartments sit side by side in many of Somerville’s densely-populated neighborhoods. Enjoy the small-town feel and big-city amenities.

Davis Square was voted one of 15 "Hippest Places To Live In America" and the neighborhood lives up to its reputation!

Somerville Team
Sean Persson

Director, Residential Services

Leanna Callimanopulos

Senior Associate

Thomas Devine

Senior Associate

Christy Henault

Senior Associate

Jacob King

Manager, Commercial Brokerage

Bea Liang

Senior Associate

Bob O'Reilly

Senior Associate

Lauren Perry

Senior Associate

Jonathan Rayo

Senior Associate

James Rowe


Tom Sheehan

Senior Associate

Colleen Sleeper

Senior Associate

Hunter Sleeper

Senior Associate

Jing Tu


Leyla Yildiz

Senior Associate

Residential Sales & Leasing

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