June 27, 2023 1 minute read

Open to Opportunities, a Boston Brokerage Sees No Limit to Its Growth

Senné CEO William Senné was recently profiled by National Association of REALTORS® Magazine, discussing his real estate journey. If you enjoy this excerpt, be sure to visit the REALTOR® Magazine website to read the full article.


Entrepreneurship, with its requisite openness to opportunity, defines both the Boston-based company and its CEO.

“Clients hire us to help them find, acquire, develop and manage a property, and sell it for more. By offering all these services, we have a longer and more valuable relationship with our clients that is much deeper than a postcard on their birthdays. I was never selling a service line—I was selling a relationship.”

Read more on Nar.Realtor.com

Senné is redefining real estate, attracting the best and brightest to join us as we move this industry forward. To find out more about what Senné has to offer real estate professionals, visit our careers page or contact us at 617.314.9400.



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