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Steeped in history, the vibrant town of Arlington was originally a farming community and now its tree-lined streets are brimming with culture. Arlington combines tranquility and easy access to nature with all the amenities of the city.

Located just 8 miles away from downtown Boston, Arlington has several bus, train and driving options.  Arlington is bounded by Route 2, and a short distance from Interstate 93 and 95, offering convenient access to Boston.


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History buffs will find plenty of stories here. The town was originally settled in 1635 as a village of Cambridge and was known as Menotomy.  Arlington was once a thriving mill town with an ice industry centered around Spy Pond. Today, Spy Pond is a top recreation area and is a prime spot for kayakers and canoers. Arlington has a wide array of restaurants, unique local retail shops, several museums and two historic movie theaters, including the Regent Theater, originally built in 1916 for vaudeville performances and now home to concerts, films and the Arlington International Film Festival.

From films to farmer’s markets, there’s no shortage of cultural activities in Arlington.

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